Photo Gallery of Casa Compostela

Since 2011, the Government has been relaxing its grip on the economy with a host of reforms. One such change was allowing locals to turn their homes into “Casa Particulars” the Cuban equivalent to a B & B. This has been an exciting opportunity for Cubans who now have a way to make a living in these beautiful old houses. With a thriving tourist industry, these entrepreneurs now have the ability to paint and repair their homes so that they can welcome the traveler. One by one the city is getting improved! Casa Compostela was purchased from an older family enabling them to move to the countryside to live near other family members, and for the past year the Casa has been renovated and repainted and since February 2013 has been open for business!

With this location, you are in the Heart of Havana Vieja, and there is not a better place to be!

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Touring around Havana

Havana is a unique city where time seems to have stopped still. Lack of television and computers must be frustrating to the locals, but it has created a society centered on family and friends. Everywhere you see people, young and old out on the streets carrying on their business..going to work, walking kids to school, kids playing..adults playing dominos. The sounds of the streets are people calling out from below, above from everywhere really..dogs barking, horns honking, kids yelling, music blaring!   The sounds of life and the sense of community is what is so attractive about walking around this city. Very few people can afford cars, so most get around on foot, or the bike taxi’s, so people are hustling everywhere. Cubans are very friendly and helpful and very proud of their country.Police are everywhere, so you don’t have to worry,  Havana is truly one of the last places where you can roam anywhere and feel safe.  What is not to like? Beautiful buildings, great music, friendly people, old American cars, horse and buggies and tropical sunshine!

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